Capital Edge Financial Partners' founders have a bedrock belief is that every small business that produces a product or service that contributes to our community should have access to unlimited capital. Capital Edge agrees that financial education is paramount to navigate today's economic climate. However, when our clients businesses are drowning financially we must pull them from the water! 


Capital Edge Financial Partner's parent/mother company, Sinequanon GlobalX, is a small business private equity and business development company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sinequanon has the capital resources to fund our client's businesses with what is generally called "non-recourse loans." A non-recourse loan is a business funding product from a private source where the small business owner is not personally responsible to re-pay the loan proceeds. Small businesses that receive the loan proceeds are also not obligated to repay the loan from the business cash flows either. The small business' only requirement to re-pay the loan is with their company stock. Sinequanon will trade cash proceeds in exchange for a modest equity position and a share in dividends. Dividends or profits on the "upside" are profits generated by the cash infusion to our client's small business.

Capital Edge is not a broker or intermediary to Sinequanon GlobalX. But rather, Capital Edge is a partner as a subsidiary that can offer this products to our clients small businesses. So how does a small business qualify for this program? This funding program is unprecedented on a wide scale for small businesses and the first of its kind in the USA. This funding program through our parent company Sinequanon GlobalX is specifically geared towards small business owners who do may not meet most small business loan programs in the financial market place. See program highlights and qualifications below:


-Personal credit doesn't matter

-Business credit doesn't matter

-Business cash flow will be reviewed but not considered

-Start up and pre-existing active companies can qualify

-Nature of business doesn't matter

-Business plans are helpful but not required


How To Qualify:


-Capital Edge client must sign a service agreement with our firm

-Capital Edge service agreements gives our firm permission to submit client's business for funding in the market place

-Depending on how much capital the client receives from bank programs will determine the size and scope of their non-recourse loan. Client must agree to funding submission first before non-recourse loan consideration

-Clients resume and experience is required for consideration

-Sinequanon/Capital Edge non-recourse loan funding considerations are STRONGLY based on the integrity of the business owner to be a diligent, hardworking and honest business owner/operator

Required Docs For Non-Recourse Business Funding:


-Client's must first execute our client service agreement

-Photo ID (no copies)

-Business bank and merchant account statements (if applicable)

-Business financials last two years P&L and balance sheet if applicable)

-Share/Certificate agreement (notarized)

-Amended articles of inc (notarized)

-Amended Operating Agreement (notarized)

-Digital distribution of stock/shares between the client's company and Sinequanon GlobalX


Due to the high demand and scope of this small business funding program the application process can take 30-90 days. For this reason we highly encourage ALL interested parties to contact our office right away for consideration. We look forward to hearing from you! 888.405.8744